Fi al da superliga feminina: vc tá torcendo p quem? Hahah

SESI! E você?

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gizem güreşen karadayi please :)


Every year I have always made a volleyball team but when I tried out for volleyball my freshmen year I didn't make the final cut. I was really crushed because it was the first time I had not made a team. Do you have any tips on how to get better and try out again without feeling weird about it?

You’ll make it! All I can say is that when things don’t go well, you’ve to try harder and never give up, if you like volleyball, the secret is keep training :)

Can you make a photoshop about Neslihan Demir ?

Sure! I’ll do it

Hi :) Can you put some pictures of Paola Croce, the italian libero, please? :)


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HELLO HELLO. Eu me perdi no calendário do mundo. HAHAH Tem algum campeonato de vôlei e andamento? O Europeu, por exemplo? THNKS THNKS

Tem a superliga agora!

Hi! I'm from italy. I love volleyball more than any other thing :) Volley is the best sport, right? xx

Yes!! Volleyball ia te best thing!

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